sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Expressing myself in english.

And now I feel free. Free from all the chains, from all the fears. Because you made me lost my mind, you made me forget everything around us. I took a chance, I got out of the comfort zone by telling you my thoughts and I've never been happier. I feel free, for the first time in my life. I kinda feel fearful about being fearless. Does this make any sense? My head doesn't make sense... Like, ever. 
I opened up, I told you everything I feared to tell anyone. I trust you my life. I trust you my deepest secrets. I don't regret it. You're the best friend I could ever ask for. I don't even call you that but I trust in you blindly, unconditionally, with all my self. With you, I could do anything because I know you wouldn't let me down, you'd never let anything bad happen to me. I'm proud of myself for finally telling someone stuff that I wouldn't usually tell anybody. When I'm with you, I can empty my head, not thinking about anything. You're the only one that can do it... You give me peace, tranquility. I know you don't like to disappoint anyone, I don't like it either; but no matter what you do, you could never disappoint me. I'm so proud of you! Deeply, I'm like you: free, rebel, insane, with a dark side; but I never showed it to anyone because I didn't want to scare anyone... And now I understand that this is a part of me, I have to embrace it, the same way you did...
It's me and you with no fear, with all the impulsive moments, doing whatever we want to do, without any blame, any shame. No more condemnation. You understand me, I understand you. We would never judge each other choices, thoughts, reasons. That's why our friendship is so pure... Nothing could ever make us feel mad at each other. You can make me talk about anything, silly things, creepy things, I showed you my dark side and you're still here... I hate being vulnerable, I hate showing weakness and yet, with you, I show it.

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